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Zen at Fallingwater

Find moments of calm at one of the most peaceful spots on Earth.

There are few places in the world more calming & restorative than Fallingwater. But if you can’t get to western Pennsylvania anytime soon, visit here with a dash of wellness! Take some moments for calm meditation at Fallingwater with the Dalai Lama’s personal doctor – who better to help us find our zen! Dr. Barry Kerzin finished a scholar-in-residency at this World Heritage site in summer 2021 & created this meditation video using the peace & harmony of this incredible oasis. He had a special focus on dealing with the, we still need it!

A few highlights:

-- 02:54 – first meditation with ‘Nine-round breathing’

-- 11:56 – meditation with views of Fallingwater

-- 21:49 – meditation with more gorgeous views

Wide shot of Fallingwater through the trees
The water's falling & so will your stress levels when you spend any time here!

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