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A world of dance

Travel time & space with the power of dance.

Someday we’ll be back in our seats watching live performances (this year? Okay, maybe 2022…) In the meantime, the incomparable Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater wows us from afar with their “Revelations” performance from their archives. Filmed at Lincoln Center in New York, the show is an Ailey staple since they first performed it back in 1960. It’s a stunning tribute to the history of African American culture and a great way to celebrate Black History Month. Revel in this inspiring show, especially the finale!

African Amercan female dancer posing at sunset in silhouette.

Who needs “Dancing with the Stars” when you have these folks? Check out the incredible finalists competing in Latin dance at a recent World Dance Sport Federation European dance championship from DanceSportTotal. Though many dancers appear pretty close to having a serious wardrobe malfunction or needing spinal surgery after their moves, they’ll make you want to get up off the couch. The event may have been held in Denmark but the competitors bring the heat!

Man & woman doing a Latin-style dance in a ballroom in a spotlight.

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