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Wintry wellness

Escape with holiday movie memories & stunning scenery that make this season so special.

Few things brighten our spirits this time of year like a good Christmas movie or holiday special. We all know the old standards, like in this "Entertainment Tonight"clip of classic holiday movie lines. But ABC’s “Good Morning America” shares a highlight reel of more eclectic Christmas movie moments with a few surprises…like Han Solo & Chewbacca ringing in the holidays back in the ‘70s? Who knew! And one of the funniest scenes ever with a holiday turkey courtesy of Chevy Chase.

Two kids in face masks delivering Christmas gifts in Santa hats
Christmas movies are like a gift we can't wait to open...hopefully next year, without masks!

The holidays bring a unique level of stress in normal times, so add a pandemic to it & it’s off the charts! Take a little mental break & treat yourself to some stunning winter scenery with a calming soundtrack that might just make you forget the world around you for a few moments. The best news about these anxiety-filled holidays right now? Their arrival means that 2020 is just about over! That should help calm our nerves a wee bit…

A tree-lined snowy road

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