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Bostonians knows great art when they see it, better known as 'aht'...take a peek!

Boston’s Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum shares the fascinating story of “Boston’s Apollo – the discovery that the model for many of John Singer Sargent’s paintings of white figures was actually a black World War I vet, Thomas McKellar. The Greek gods – including Apollo – Sargent painted on the ceiling of another nearby museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, were based on McKellar. And an iconic portrait of McKellar & other clues from descendants raise the possibility that Sargent & his model had more than just a professional rapport. Gardner staff explain the care with which they assembled this thoughtful exhibit.

A top Boston museum did detective work that would make the cops in any of the city's crime films proud......

The Boston Pops orchestra has been dark, but boy have they had fun in their down time! With incredible editing & coordination, dozens of musicians invite you to enjoy their at-home version of one of the all-time best Olympic themes. Couldn’t we all use some inspiring music right now? Their former & best-known conductor, John Williams, intro’s the group before they perform his instantly-recognizable 1996 Olympics piece. And check out more performances from their living rooms & archives at the Pops at Home.

Musicians playing in an orchestra together

It’s always magical when one form of art combines with another – like a dance party inside an art museum! The spectacular Peabody Essex Museum, north of Boston in Salem, MA, let their employees run wild in a museum staff dance-off through the empty exhibit halls pre-2020. Makes you wonder, though – could this have been what they were doing while the museum was closed to tourists this year? We hope so! Looks like a blast.

Vast museum space inside an exhibit hall
Open museum space - or killer dance floor? If we only had a disco ball handy...

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