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When art finds us

Updated: May 23, 2021

See how our creative fellow humans are finding amazing art all around us.

Art can be found everywhere…even when it’s unintentional. You just have to be paying attention to notice when it magically appears! Marvel at remarkable works of accidental art in the ordinary objects & moments surrounding us, courtesy of Earth Wonders. And we’ll bet your next beer pour or cleaning project may entice you to look twice…

Cappuccino cup with milk pouring into a design
What do you see...a warm drink or an abstract painting?

Ever see a sculpture & feel like it’s about to come to life? Or hope that it would? Enjoy some laughs from Educational Game Tutorials as you marvel at some insanely imaginative people who jumped into the world of the statues they encountered. Now if only these statues could talk & tell us what they think of these random people infringing on their space!

Sculpture of a man hanging off the edge of a wall
He's holding on for dear life 'til another tourist comes to bother him.

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