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We wanna dance with somebody

Try a fun dance workout, some Alvin Ailey moves & enjoy a new twist on Hollywood dance classics!

Can you believe studies have found dancing has such good effects on the brain it’s been used to treat Parkinson’s & can even reduce dementia? And props to the genius who decided to combine it with exercise. But with many gym classes on hold, we’re bringing the dance workouts to you! POPSUGAR Fitness has a few options – break a sweat with their 30-min cardio Latin dance drills. Or for the extra coordinated, try their 30-min hip hop workout. Way more fun than those boring squats and lunges around the couch!

Women in dance-style exercise class

Dancer & choreographer Alvin Ailey’s mantra was: “Dance came from the people & it should be delivered back to the people,” so leaders in his world class dance troupe are helping to do that! They’re letting us behind the curtain with a virtual Alvin Ailey dance masterclass. You can try some new moves or just marvel at these artists at work. The last six minutes are almost like tai chi movements – good for the dance floor or as a stress release!

Dancer with arm outstretched, other dancers blurry in background

Good luck sitting still watching this clip...we’re also pretty sure it’ll lower your stress levels! The talented people – and editors – at Nerd Fest UK compiled tons of great dance routines from old movies and paired these classic Hollywood dance scenes with “Uptown Funk.” With over 50 million views online for this video, clearly we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of this feel-good tribute to dance!

Group of people dancing at a party
You'll want to get on the dance floor with this one...even if that's your living room!

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