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Views from the Far East

As we tune in to Japan for sport, let’s celebrate its amazing artistic culture, too!

Since we can’t be in Japan for the Olympics, let’s head there virtually to immerse yourself in the fascinating stories behind Japanese culture! Courtesy of Japan Objects, learn about the evolution of the country’s amazing printing techniques, what’s behind Japan’s iconic architecture & how they’ve churned out art from the traditional to the most cutting edge. Who knew samurai warriors not only had to be masters in fighting but also in tea drinking & painting? And female samurais were even a thing! If only we could hop on the next plane over…

Japanese pagoda amid trees and a lake

Few artists have their work as widely recognized as that of Hokusai & his “Great Wave” masterpiece. Find out from PBS Digital Studios how this iconic Japanese print of a cresting ocean made waves around the world in the late 19th century & see how everyone from tattoo artists to smart phone developers are still using the famous image today. Even Cookie Monster gets in on the fun!

Closeup of waves crashing
Hear the story of how a wave became one of Japan's most iconic works of art!

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