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Unity through beauty

How do you measure a year in a life? Artfully...

It’s easy to forget amid all the heartache of 2020 that as countries across the globe suffered, they also united. From music & murals to light displays, the world came together through art & hopefunless in amazing ways to persevere as the coronavirus took hold. Marvel at these displays of solidarity around the world during the pandemic from CNET which remind us that as hard as the year was, we all truly survived it as one. And no matter where you were in the world, there was beauty in that.

Greek or Roman status in a surgical mask

How much time is 525,600 minutes? If you know the answer is one year, we’re going take a guess that you probably saw the hit musical, “Rent.” Be uplifted by the sounds of “Seasons of Love” from “Rent” with a group of amazing Welsh performers, better known as the Welsh of the West End. Their name is a nod to London’s theater district & these stars of stage came together as a virtual choir to share their moving rendition of the famous anthem. The song asks, “How do you measure a year in a life?” For too many, it was a year measured in pain & struggle but here’s hoping the new year will bring more hopeful milestones.

Clock illuminated in a train station

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