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Turn up the tunes

Shut off the news & crank up the music for the 12th wall of COVID fatigue…

What did you do to get through lockdown in 2020? It turns out many of us relied on music to either boost our mood or match our mood. From PsyPost, hear how & why the power of music helped so many deal with the emotions of life during COVID. In a new survey out of Israel, one-third of respondents said that they experienced stronger emotional reactions to music during lockdown. What were your ‘go to’ songs? Good to have your play list ready since COVID isn’t quite done with us yet…

Black woman on bus listening to music on yellow headphones and smiling

Need to lower your stress even as you try to convince yourself “It’s summer! Brighten your mood!” It doesn’t always work that way… Lower your stress with a calming playlist compiled by an actual music therapist. It’s a list from The Conversation pre-COVID, but it still holds up…with everything from classical compositions to Adele. And get some tips from 2020 & Very Well Mind about times during your day when listening to music might help your mood & your activities – from making cleaning chores more fun to helping with digestion while you eat. Chores = fun? Worth a try!

Older couple with gray hair in kitchen cutting vegetables near sink
Is chopping veggies really this much fun? Maybe the secret is a musical soundtrack...(or the wine)

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