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Turkey day 2020 style

Time to eat & drink away our stresses with some healthier choices - or not…

Consumer Reports is known for their helpful ratings for everything from cars to appliances. But they’re even helping us rate our holiday meal! Take a peek at the calorie count of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes & then pick your poison. If you’re in a healthy mood, you can choose the low-cal options. Or if you’re feeling like a real 2020 kind of meal, throw caution to the wind & treat your mental health to those extra yummy carbs for a day! You know you deserve it after this crazy year...

Top-down shot of pumpkin pie with knife on table
One pumpkin pie slice = 2.3 glasses of red wine in calories. Or in 2020, choose all of the above!

We often think of summery fruits to put in our smoothies, but don’t count fall favorites out! Things like pears, apples & pumpkin puree can make their way into your glass instead & give you a seasonal treat. Check out these healthy recipes for fall smoothies from Hello Glow, like the Oatmeal Pear smoothie. And come on, couldn’t we use something else to eat between meals instead of sneaking another slab of that yummy pumpkin pie?

Smoothie with nuts and seeds from top view.

As we know, ‘wellness’ includes mental health...let’s be real, for some of us that means decompressing with a cocktail now & then. Most of us have our favorite summer & winter drinks, but did you know there’s a fall collection? Put on your mixologist hat & give the ‘30 Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes’ a taste from Town & Country - everything from the Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule to an Autumn Fizz. Some of these should make Zoom Thanksgiving 2020 go down a bit more easily!