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'Tis the season round the world

Check out an amazing gingerbread city & holiday sparkles across the globe!

Who hasn’t stolen their share of gumdrops off a gingerbread house roof? Wait ‘til you see the temptations awaiting in Bergen, Norway! Tour their famous “gingerbread town” - or "Pepperkakebyen" in Norwegian - visited by 100,000 people each year in non-COVID times. Hear the story behind this gingerbread masterpiece from DW News & the inspirations for its design from the “Gingerbread town architect” (is that a real a job? How can we apply??). We can all dream of walking through this sugary village & grabbing snacks off the buildings along the way!

A whole town of gingerbread? Yes, please!

It’s all the rage this year to put up holiday lights earlier than normal – in 2020, we need some extra weeks of cheer around Christmas, Hanukkah & all holidays! Many cities around the world are known for getting in on the action. Take a peek at spectacular holiday light displays around the world thanks to the Insider – from beautiful floating lanterns in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to gorgeous illuminated murals in Como, Italy. These go way beyond the strings of lights we’re all used to untangling every winter!