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Time to get wild

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Wildlife awaits you on a stunning safari in Africa, at a "zoo hotel" where the animals join you in your room, and behind the scenes with new births at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium!

Saying “I’m going on safari” has always sounded glamorous and beyond reach for most of us, especially during a pandemic. But now you can take that jungle adventure thanks to WildEarth! Enjoy the wildlife and scenery as you embark on an incredible South African safari with a recorded version of adventures recently transmitted in real time from the field. If you want to experience a livestreaming safari, their website features daily live feeds during African sunset (9am-12pm EDT) and sunrise (12:30am-3:30am EDT for the U.S. night owls).

Jeep driving across safari landscape as the sun sets.

Remember what it was like to stay at a hotel? With the occasional annoying neighbors and their late-night partying? Well at one Belgian hotel, the party animals next door really are…animals. At this immersive zoo resort attached to the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Brugelette, you can share a wall with the walrus tank or the tiger habitat while you figure out how you’re going to fall asleep with these beautiful beasts watching you all night.

Man & woman check in at hotel front desk with hotel worker.
"Breakfast is from 7-10am and...there's a walrus in your room."

Penguins at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium have had a busy pandemic. You might remember the previous blog when they were let loose in the aquarium during the shutdown. Now the Shedd’s open again – see how staff members are caring for their latest arrivals: adorable baby penguins! The Shedd has other cool online gems – swim among the sharks with virtual reality videos and check out mesmerizing footage where you float with a school of sting rays.

Two penguins standing together on rocky terrain.

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