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The show will go on

Who didn't dance around their house at some point during the pandemic to avoid going stir crazy? But wait until you see what dancing at home looks like for these talented artists celebrating modern dance. Members of the 62-year-old, prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater pull off a fantastic feat of synchronization (and editing) with their remote performances. Escape in their City of Rain” routine and their beautiful ode to being Together While Apart.” It’s part of their amazing “The Show Must Go On” YouTube series.

African American female dancer leaping through the air

Grab a drink and an imaginary bar stool for some highlights from the “A Night for Austin” virtual concert. If you missed the June 10 livestream from the original post, you can still catch memorable clips from two of the organizers: a duet with Edie Brickell & Paul Simon, Simon solo with his toe-tapping “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,” and a rare chance to hear Brickell at home on piano with a perfectly-timed song on what to do “when hard times fall upon us.” The event raised money to help the Texas city so devastated by COVID-19. When the South by Southwest festival was canceled in March, many of Austin’s music venues lost as much as 30 percent of their annual revenue.

Man wearing country hat playing banjo next to wood paneled wall

Cultured opera lover? Or never been and couldn’t tell your Puccini from your Rossini? New York’s Metropolitan Opera is welcoming everyone into their virtual opera house. They dove into their archives to provide a rare treat: a favorite Met opera is streaming every day! New performances are posted daily at 7:30pm EDT and remains online until 6:30pm EDT the next day. The current schedule runs through June 21 - so don’t miss this chance to experience what 800,000 people would be enjoying at the Met in an average season.

Chill out and enjoy a range of great livestreamed performances in Billboard’s “Live At-Home” series. The artists, raising money for various charities, include everyone from Jewel, Melissa Etheridge, Lee Brice, Skip Marley (grandson of Bob), Josh Groban, and Hozier to Colbie Caillat with her happy hit “Bubbly,” Meghan Trainor playing ukulele sitting on her kitchen counter and even Kenny G running his own audio board. It’s also a funny reminder at times that stars are “just like us” as they struggle with “Is this thing on?” moments. Sounds like everyone’s last Zoom call…

Room in a home with guitars, keyboard & music equipment

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