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The savvy sunbather

Summer's here! Think you know how to put on sunscreen? We thought we did, too...

Ever wonder if the type of sunscreen you’re using works? Or if your parents were actually right that you should lather it on like you’re taking a bath? Gizmodo did a very cool experiment to help us see what blocks the rays the best! Take a peek at how different sunscreens work (& don’t work) under a UV camera test. You may think twice the next time you go for that spray bottle…unless you want to bake like a package of crisps!

Woman sunbathing next to a pool
She may want some extra sunscreen - or a hat! - after seeing this clip...

Now that we know which kinds of sunscreens are most effective, what about where to put them? Seems simple…but there’s much more to the story. Many people apparently are missing key parts of the body that can be ripe for skin cancer risk. The revered Cleveland Clinic shares “The Five Places You’re Probably Forgetting to Put Sunscreen” – some of these spots are real shockers! Particularly one area they say may leave you “greasy & goopy” if you really protect it properly…read on for your skin’s sake.

Two women in sunglasses facing the sun
As we protect ourselves from the sun, many of us are guilty of forgetting some spots!

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