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The need for speed

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Experience the scariest Winter Olympic events without risking life & limb!

Have you caught Olympic fever? Well, it’s better than other contagious things that may be going around the Olympic village... Ever wonder what it feels like to experience the Winter Olympic sports? Let’s find out with some amazing POV footage! Catch some air on an Olympic-sized ski jump in Wisconsin from Jakub_Fuller6. Careen down the bobsled track with former Canadian, now American (!) gold medalist in Beijing Kailie Humphries on a Calgary track from our friends at the Olympics. Try if you dare to survive the luge with U.S. Olympian Chris Mazdzer on the track from the Sochi Olympics from his very own body cam. And for the mother of all daredevil winter sports, fly head first down the Beijing Olympics skeleton track posted by Tuffield Latour. Who’s insane enough to do this sport? Thankfully someone is so we can just watch!

Luge athlete from behind on sled getting ready at starting gate on icy track.
Ever wonder what doing a luge run at 90 miles per hour feels like? Give it a go!

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