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The King unedited

Time travel to a TV appearance by Elvis...if your ears can stand the screaming fans!

Vegas was a favorite venue of the one & only Elvis Presley, who seems to be just about everywhere these days! From the recent film about his life to the sad, untimely death of his only child, The King’s been in the news so much lately you’d think he was still here (aside from the sightings at Burger Kings…). For many of us, we only know him through short clips or movies from another era. But a rare glimpse of unedited footage of Elvis on “The Ed Sullivan Show” from 1956 helps us get see what all the fuss was about…if you can hear anything above the high-pitched screaming loud enough to break glass.

Nighttime shot of Las Vegas & the famous "Welcome" sign & logo.
If we could only transport ourselves back to see Elvis live on The Strip! But this TV clip's the next best thing...

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