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The gift of gratitude

Saying thanks to our soldiers & the things in life that keep us moving forward.

If there’s anyone who deserves our gratitude, it’s our soldiers – fallen & current. NBC News introduces us to those unknown, dedicated service members who guard the

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier rain or shine at Arlington National Cemetery. The site began in 1921 with unknown remains from a World War One American soldier & Unknowns from later wars were added later. Did you know there are similar traditions honoring British & French soldiers? Great Britain’s Unknown Warrior remains can be found in London’s Westminster Abbey & France’s are at the base of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Line of military soldiers in uniform & closest one saluting.
"Thank you" just isn't enough.

We know gratitude is a great way to keep things in perspective, especially in these crazy times. Studies have shown it can help us process stress, ward off health problems & can even decrease levels of PTSD after traumatic events. But how do we actually practice it without walking around saying "thank you" to everyone we meet? Very Well Mind has some helpful tips on how to introduce gratitude into your routine - from keeping a gratitude journal to looking for “gratitude patterns” to hone in on what makes you most happy. And we’re grateful you took the time to read this!

Black woman by window writing in journal.
Keeping a gratitude journal can help with stress...especially in a gorgeous, sun-lit room like this!

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