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The creators' keen eye

Art can come from surprising sources! There’s more than meets the eye with these creations.

Artists have a knack for seeing things differently than the rest of us, but Ian Barry from Yorkshire, England, takes that to a whole new level. He views the world in denim! See how this artist designs strips of denim to create amazing works of art that look just like paintings in this clip from DW Euromaxx. The final result is truly amazing! See more of Barry’s masterpieces from 60 Second Docs – be sure to check out his depiction of a woman swimming in a pool! Maybe we’ve found a new use for those old, ripped jeans in our closets…

Stacks of denim jeans in a store window
How does this become great art? See how artist Ian Barry works his magic!

There’s a rule in production that you should never film someone eating (unless of course it’s a food show, then all bets are off…). But one way that’s easily achieved is that so much of the food you see on screen isn’t real! From the Insider, check out the mouth-watering work of two acclaimed “fake food artists” who create realistic props used for filming – everything from grilled meat to melting ice cream!

Closeup of hot fudge sundae with cherry on top
Is it real or is it a fake? See how food artists can trick us all...

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