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Tales in trickery

Rain indoors? Fake blue animals? Find out the secrets behind them!

Museums are great places to escape to when it’s raining…but what if the rain was on the inside? See how one of London’s great museums once made it pour indoors! And with magic of technology, as soon as someone stepped inside the downpour they didn’t even get wet. Explore the incredible “Rain Room” at London’s Barbican museum with The Guardian & see how they made it rain without a cloud in the room.

Hurricane and rainy scene with palm trees blowing in the wind
How does a UK museum bring a bit of this indoors? Grab your wellies & find out!

Colors abound in nature but as our friends at National Geographic explain, apparently one particular hue doesn’t really exist the way we think it does. Hear the surprising tale of why the color blue rarely exists in nature & when it does, it’s often our eyes playing tricks on us. Bluebirds are preparing their legal defense we speak…

Peacock feather up close
Is the peacock a "true blue" or is it engaging in some trickery?

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