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Take a deep dive

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Hit the seas with cool virtual reality scuba dives, an amazing VR Aussie submarine tour or swim with the fish at an awesome aquarium!

Not a certified scuba diver? No plans to fly to Pacific Ocean islands anytime soon? No worries! You too can jump into the waters off Palau, a country of hundreds of islands east of the Philippines. Dive into this beautiful virtual reality scuba diving footage along their coral reefs. The Economist hears from a researcher about the importance of the reefs to Palau’s resources and way of life. And now we can add it to our growing travel bucket list…

Two scuba divers underwater diving near a coral reef.

Climbing the walls after so much time inside? How would you fare being confined to the tight quarters of a submarine? The Australian National Maritime Museum lets you find out! Take their amazing 360 degree virtual reality tour of the HMAS Onslow, a sub in the Aussie navy for 30 years which sits beneath the waters of Sydney. Explore the ship with your VR controls while a former commander brings the tour to life with pop-up videos and graphics.

Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

Tempting as it is, we can’t bury our heads in the sand for the rest of 2020, but we can keep dunking them under water for a spell! Baltimore’s National Aquarium, ranked one of the best in the U.S., is letting us dive in online. Submerge yourself in their gorgeous water tank livestreams with sharks, coral reefs and mesmerizing jellyfish and check out their award-winning exhibits. Just hope on your next beach trip you don’t encounter any of their larger featured guests…

People in front of a huge water tank with fish at an aquarium.

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