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Sweets peeping

Recipes for some truly adorable Easter treats & a sneak peek at a Peeps factory.

Looking for some Easter goodies to make at home? Even if you aren’t able to try any of these recipes, just looking at the absolutely adorable photos of these sweet treats will be almost as much fun as eating them! Get your sweet tooth ready for ‘27 Cute Easter Treats’ from Taste of Home & connect with your inner peeps!

Easeter cupcakes with eggs on top & a bunny decoration on the plate

Speaking of Peeps, ever wonder how these mysterious & magical marshmallow confections are made? Thanks to Business Insider, take a fascinating behind-the-scenes virtual tour of a Peeps factory where millions of these sugary creatures come to life. Hard to believe this iconic treat has been around for 60 years! There’s even an interview with a Peeps Brand Manager…is that really a job? And hear how even Peeps weren’t immune from the impacts of the pandemic on the business. Thank goodness they recovered for Easter!

Baby chick in the grass
This is much tastier in the marshmallow version!

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