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Sweet treats with fall faves

Fill your kitchen with the scents of seasonal favorites thanks to a little pumpkin, honey & apples.

Does anything signal fall more than pumpkin flavors showing up everywhere? We don’t quite get what pumpkin-scented deodorant is all about (an actual product!), but we are grateful there are so many baked goods out there to join the bandwagon. Make your own with All Recipes’ easy "Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread” recipe with enough dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg & clove to give you that warm, comfort food hug. The recipe says it’s great for gifts - but treat yourself for making it to October in this crazy year!

Two African American boys smiling in a pumpkin patch
If only these two happy kids could pick out pumpkins for all of us!

Since we’re celebrating Fallingwater & architect Frank Lloyd Wright on the Arts blog, why not take a page from the cookbook of the tourist destination’s resident chef? Chef Tom shares one of his favorite treats to have with afternoon coffee or a warm cup of tea. Try the Fallingwater cookbook’s Honey Maple Almond Bars – sure, they have their fair share of honey, sugar & syrup, but the simple ingredients list makes this an easy treat to indulge in on a chilly fall day.

Honey being poured into a jar from a dispenser
Honey + a few more key ingredients will bring you the perfect afternoon fall snack!

So many of our favorite fall treats are delicious because they’re decadent…candied apples, cider donuts. Yum! But not exactly nutritious... There’s another autumn snack that you can actually make at home in a healthier way. Try this perfect-for-fall recipe for low-calorie apple butter from Slender Kitchen. It’s not just for spreading on toast anymore! They suggest mixing it with Greek yogurt, putting a dollop on oatmeal or even adding it to grilled chicken. Get a big taste of fall without all those calories!

Woman holding red apples in hands
It's a bit of magic that turns these beauties into a spreadable treat...

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