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Summer, please don't go!

Find time for that drive-in movie, a delicious summer recipe or outdoor exercise while summer’s still with us!

The all-American drive-in movie theater got a big second look this year! Though the U.S. had 4,000 drive-in’s in the 1950’s, today there are just over 300 -- but it’s nice to see they’ve gained new life given the circumstances. Enjoyed one yet? NBC’s “Today” show took a wistful look at drive-ins and how they’re bringing people together while we need to stay apart. Check out this list of drive-in theaters around the U.S. if you can pay a visit, keeping in mind others may have popped up in temporary spots near you due to the pandemic.

Two kids at a drive-in movie theater watching from the back of a car.

Whether we want to admit it, summer's soon winding down -- though with the year we’ve been through, we should’ve earned double the summer months! BBC Good Food shares dozens of yummy summer recipes for sweets & entrees to keep the vacation vibes going. Try a healthy summer salad, a quick recipe for easy seafood tacos and enjoy what the Beeb calls “a boozy grown-up treat”: gin & tonic ice lollies...that’s British-speak for “popsicles.”

Cherry-flavored popsicles lying on a table in a row.

Few sports scream summer like tennis & the U.S. Open is going forward in New York City Aug. 31-Sept. 13, though with no fans due to evil COVID. The U.S. Tennis Association wants to help you you feel your best for tennis...or just life! Check out their great flexibility warm-ups for tennis or any activity and tips on sleeping better & snacking smarter, including healthier snack combos than reaching for the cookies & chips. And after all the healthy stuff, raise a glass in honor of the tournament with the U.S. Open cocktail of choice from Marie Claire (and other fun cocktail recipes from famous sporting events).

Friends on the tennis court laughing.

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