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Sublime sights & sounds

Travel's all about taking in the surroundings of a place – and shutting out the noise of daily life. Immerse your senses in these great summer excursions!

Just because we can’t travel like we used to right now doesn’t meant we should let work meetings and to do lists gobble up the rest of summer! Treat yourself to these stunning flyovers of beautiful beaches that we can at least visit remotely with the folks at Travel + Leisure. Break out the beach towel and the ice-filled glass of your go-to vacation drink and turn your living room into a tropical oasis!

Wide shot of beautiful beach, shore rocks and sand.

Deep in the Grand Canyon, take a beautiful hike to the Havasupai Waterfalls within revered Indian Reservation lands – an area so remote you can only reach it with by a hike, horseback or helicopter (in non-COVID times). What a treat to visit here without all that effort! Thanks to The Flying Dutchman video, enjoy rushing water of the multiple waterfalls, babbling streams and the natural sounds of just being far from people…that’s so 2020!

Wide shot of the Grand Canyon.

If your dream vacation to the Grand Canyon or other spots would involve camping in normal times, hopefully you’ll be back in your tent soon! But in the meantime, cozy up to a campsite fire outside your imaginary tent and the peaceful sounds of a night under the stars. Brought to us by Virtual Fireplace…we just need to bring the marshmallows! Or hop in your kayak to glide across Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada with the Virtual Videos Channel.

People crowded around a campfire at night.
Hey look! People! Together! Someday soon we'll be doing this again...

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