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Celebrate the Big Apple’s comeback with that other classic anthem…viva NYC!

If you’re a native New Yorker, ever lived in Manhattan or have just visited the place you’re going get the chills with this rendition of a Billy Joel classic. Check out this gorgeous version of “New York State of Mind” by NYCNext with a collection of great musicians & stars, as well as a few surprise voices. And see if you can spot the direct connection to Billy Joel in the clip (hint: she’s got his eyes).

Manhattan Bridge at sunset

If you haven’t ever explored New York’s High Line, you haven’t lived! See how Manhattan’s famed elevated railroad track-turned-promenade came to be in a clip from Friends of the High Line who helped fund the project. From some years back, hear the amazing history behind the High Line railroad’s creation & how its modern makeover almost never happened. For a more recent visit, check out the magical views from this elevated oasis as it hovers over New York’s streets.

View of a New York city street from an elevated perspective
See Manhattan from a different perspective atop the High Line!

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