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Spring cleaning for home & mind

Tips for tidying up for spring with a clean house & a clear head.

Spring cleaning always sounds good but do we ever actually do it? Or do we give a few outfits away to Goodwill and call it a day? Now might be a good time to tackle all the tasks around the house that we’ve put off in the past year’s lockdown either from fatigue, procrastination or that there’s always something to watch on Netflix. Check out some ‘Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home’ from Good Housekeeping. Yep, the list is long but there are some great ideas in here!

Top down shot of cleaning tools on a wooden table

Who knew you could do a little seasonal clean-out of your head, too? And who better than a website for moms to help tackle our over-multi-tasked lives? You’ll be amazed at how simple the ’10 Ways to Spring Clean your Mind’ are – from getting better sleep to not checking your phone first thing in the morning when you hop out of bed. And was there ever better advice than doing a social media & news coverage detox? Perfect for the pandemic era…detox away!

Artsy shot of someone using apps on a cell phone
So many apps, so much wasted time! Get the urge to purge...

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