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Soothing snow

No more whinging about winter…enjoy the calmness.

Sure, winter can be cold, dark & feel like it’s interminable. But it also can be so soothing for the soul. Few things are more calming than watching snow fall, so here you can do it from the cozy warmth of your couch! Grab a cup o’ tea & escape while watching & listening as snowflakes glide down in a serene forest, where each branch looks as though it was dipped in sugar. The clip from Relaxing Sounds of Nature is plenty long for a true wintry escape. And grab some biscuits, since you might choose to be here for a while…

Wintery forest during a light snowfall.

Instead of some of the jarring images we’ve seen coming out of Washington, D.C., this year, let's enjoy a peaceful, calming glimpse of our nation’s capital under a quiet blanket of snow. courtesy of National Geographic's talented photographers. As they put it well, exhale with the city as its “normally bustling streets are turned into quiet winter wonderlands.”

Woman in ear muffs blowing snow in her hands.
It might be cold, but snow can still makes us feel warm & fuzzy...and remember to wear that mask while doing this! :)

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