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Snapshots of girlhood

A D.C. exhibit celebrates girls around the world with a fabulous female photographer.

Washington D.C. has loads of great museums but there's one you might’ve missed on your last visit that you should hit on the next trip: The National Museum of Women in the Arts. They’ve got a great online exhibit by a female photographer who’s work is worth a visit. Check out this fantastic photography exhibit that celebrates girlhood with beautiful scenes from the U.S. & Mexico to as far as India & Turkey by photographer Mary Ellen Mark. You may not have heard of Mark, but she’s been shooting impactful shots around the world for over five decades & her photo-essays & portraits have appeared in publications such as LIFE, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone & Vanity Fair. Now you know her & her fabulous work!

[Note: the photo exhibit page can be scrolled through with the buttons at the bottom of the screen]

Two young Indian girls smiling with arms around each other.
A cool photography exhibit helps us celebrate girls from around the world.

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