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Snacks for sleep time

Late-night & overnight bites that combat hunger, not your health!

Finding you’re hungry before bed but struggling to stay far away from those cookies & carbs? Check out these healthy late night snacks from Healthline that will satiate your hunger while not disrupting your sleep or your waistline so much! And much tastier than kale chips…

Greek yogurt and fruit in a bowl
Greek yogurt, tart cherries and kiwis made the late-night snack list!

With a little planning before bed, you can have a super nutritious breakfast treat awaiting you or even a snack for the next day. Thanks to the Food Network, try an easy recipe for healthy overnight oats which will fill you up & keep really well for days if you don’t finish the whole batch in one sitting. And test out yummy toppings like dried fruit or a handful of shredded coconut.

Woman sleeping soundly in bed
She sleeps like a baby knowing overnight oats await! Or it's a sugar coma after pre-bed cookies...hard to tell.

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