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Slices of Americana

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Enjoy a Farm Aid revival, go backstage at "Hamilton" & explore great U.S. painters in Chicago!

Remember those awesome “-AID” music events in the '80’s? The Live Aid concert? Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”? Well don’t forget the farm version, now back for its 35th anniversary! Willie Nelson & friends celebrate with a virtual “Farm Aid 2020 On the Road” show, which you can watch live here. The killer line-up includes Chris Stapleton, John Mellencamp, Bonnie Raitt, Jack Johnson, Neil Young & Dave Matthews. Like the '85 original, it raises money for U.S. family farms but this one’s free for you to enjoy from your couch!

Catch it: Sat. 9/26 @ 8-11pm EDT at the 'watch live' link above

**UPDATE: if you missed the live show, the recorded concert is available under the 'watch live' link above!

People in the back of a pickup truck with a guitar having fun.

The stars of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” are used to being in the spotlight, but what about the guy who directs the spotlight and all 600 lights on stage for this ode to U.S. history? Go behind the scenes with the “Hamilton” lighting chief, Brian Frankel, who came from a family of electricians and an Air Force stint before taking the helm in the lighting booth. The New Yorker shines a deserving light on Frankel’s hard work backstage in his 40-year career. Broadway may be dark, but here’s hoping the curtain rises again for the crews soon!

Row of theater stage lights turned on & pointing at the stage.

The Art Institute of Chicago boasts a stellar collection of American paintings and luckily we can all dive into some of these iconic works online. Listen to curators’ audio on the fascinating stories behind these American masterpieces. You won’t believe who the two people are with the famous pitchfork in “American Gothic”! And learn what influenced Archibald Motley's iconic painting of a jazz club in South Side Chicago, one of the works that ranks him among the great chroniclers of African American life in the 20th century.

Wide shot of dentist office with dentists and patients.
How in the world is this scene linked to the iconic painting "American Gothic"? You'll find out!

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