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Shoring up shore time

Before summer ends, get some extra beach time in around the globe!

As the weeks of summer wane, our beach time is dwindling – someone make it stop! If you can’t get back to your own favorite patch of sand, pay a glorious virtual visit to some of the most unique beaches around the world – from Iceland & Croatia all the way to New Zealand. Courtesy of Top Five, who knew they had what looks like pink sand in the Bahamas or glowing, luminescent waves & plankton in the Maldives. These aren’t your grandfather’s (or grandmother's) beaches!

Beach scene through palm trees on either side of frame

What says summer more than a stroll down the boardwalk? But how did these walkways along the water get their start? From the History Channel, find out how America's beach town boardwalks were born out a need for cleanliness – although that sounds like the furthest thing from boardwalks! And hear how those American favorites of hot dogs, ice cream & lemonade actually came to the U.S. from all over the world.

Woman sitting at an arcade game smiling
A regular site at boardwalks...but more importantly: where's the taffy shop?

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