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Shoot for the stars

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

As SpaceX gave the world new reason to look to the skies, there are some great tributes out there to discover about the pioneers in space exploration who pushed the boundaries of what’s possible.

View of a portion of Earth from space

JUST FOR FUN: Ever wonder what it’s like to dock a spacecraft with the International Space Station? Okay, probably not... But SpaceX lets YOU take the controls with their Crew Dragon Docking Simulator. It’s tricky and you'll need the steady hands of a surgeon, but give it a try!

Take an incredible ride on NASA’s virtual tours of the International Space Station, which has been a home away from home for 240 brave explorers from 19 different countries. Don’t miss the Cupola tour for jaw-dropping views of Earth below! And watch Commander Suni Williams show off her version of pumping iron at her zero gravity gym [at 03:52 in the Cupola tour].

View from space of the entire International Space Station traveling above Earth
International Space Station (ISS) (courtesy: NASA)

Let’s not forget that before COVID-19, we lost a great pioneer in space exploration on February 24 with the death of Katherine Johnson at age 101. Dubbed the ‘human computer,’ her historic achievements as a top NASA mathematician were celebrated in the book and film, “Hidden Figures.” John Glenn famously said he wouldn’t launch the Friendship 7 mission in 1962 until the final data was cleared with Johnson. Read her inspiring bio and check out a NASA tribute to Johnson and an interview with the icon from 2017 where she counsels the next generation: “Like what you’re doing and then you will do your best.” The interview page also features insights from current women at NASA continuing in Johnson’s trailblazing footsteps.

Katherine Johnson working at computer during work at NASA
Katherine Johnson at work at NASA Langley (courtesy: NASA)

Not all the good documentaries are on your streaming services…take a break to explore more gems from our friends at NASA! Check out films about some of their most notable achievements in space - everything from the Hubble Space Telescope and spacewalks to the history of the Space Shuttle program narrated by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. The eye-popping archival and behind-the-scenes footage could only come from the NASA library, which would be a fun place to be quarantined for a few days...

The Hubble Space Telescope traveling in outer space
Hubble Space Telescope (courtesy: NASA)

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