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Seasons greetings on stage

Bring on the holiday cheer with some great performances & backstage magic!

Missing those classic holiday concerts as much as we are? Well the Scots have come to our rescue! Adorned with their Santa hats & jingle bells, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra treats us to a joyous Christmas concert that's *available online until Jan 10, 2021*. They call it a children’s concert but it’s for music lovers of all ages! There’s a soothing rendition of “Silent Night” [38:00], a sweet children’s choir via Zoom [at 19:00] & a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in a puh-fect British accent [27:55]. Get you cup of hot cocoa (or tea) & enjoy!

Empty orchestra hall & open sheet music book

We only have to hear a few bars of certain music to immediately feel the holiday spirit & the “The Nutracker” ballet is one of those magical pieces. Peel back the curtain at the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s “Nutracker” to go backstage before the big show. Our tour guide is the ballerina playing “Dewdrop” in one of the ballet’s most beloved scenes. Who knew that just like athletes, ballerinas have trainers backstage who get them ready “for the big game” & do warm ups for their performance.

Ballet dancer & ballerina on stage getting ovation

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