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Savor the season

Fresh, yummy seasonal foods to buy & recipes to try to ring in spring.

The change of seasons doesn’t just mean more allergies & trying to remember where you stashed your shorts & tank tops last year. It also means certain foods suddenly have their moment in the sun! Visit The Spruce Eats to check out which fruits & veggies are best to buy in spring – from apricots & asparagus to leeks & lemons. Then there are items probably not on your usual shopping list that maybe should be: kiwis, kumqauts & radishes, which are at their “crunchy best” in the springtime.

Radishes on a table
Radishes are just some of the foods ready for your spring menu makeover!

We usually think of soups as cozy comfort food that warm us up in the winter when we come in from the cold…but spring soups are actually a thing! Their fresh ingredients can spruce up your spirits as we leave those winter memories in the past. Take a peek at recipes for ’17 Fresh Soups to Make for Spring’ from Food & Wine. From Chilled Spring Pea Soup to Curried Carrot Soup with Tarragon Oil, these will definitely put that tired can of chicken noodle in the cupboard to shame!

Chefs in a kitchen making soup in big pots
Make some fancy spring soups at home like a pro!

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