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Roll with it

Homemade sushi? Your health & your wallet will thank you…

Japan’s known for its “conveyor belt sushi” where the tasty rolls speed by in this $6 billion industry in that country. We’ll assume the conveyors weren’t running much last year, but sushi’s always been a favorite Japanese export. And you don’t have to head to Japan or even a local restaurant to enjoy it, thanks to tips from Fifteen Spatulas. Check out a guide for making simple homemade sushi, which is easier than you might think! And if you’re wondering about sushi’s nutritious reputation, check out BBC Good Food’s tips on how to keep your sushi on the healthier side.

Woman eating sushi at restaurant
Try your hand at being a super sushi chef! Then work at mastering those chopsticks...

Meet Nozomu Abe, a sushi master who runs his own restaurant in New York where he doesn't just cook but performs. There’s a zen sense of calm as we marvel at this chef meticulously preparing his sushi masterpieces with the dedication & precision of an athlete getting ready for the big Olympic event. As he tells Tasty, he only serves eight diners at a time at Sushi Noz & thankfully his kitchen survived COVID. If only we could be in those coveted seats for a night...

Chef (without face) preparing sushi roll

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