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Rituals of autumn

From leaf peeping to maze solving, we can keep up some fun fall traditions from afar!

It takes luck, timing & a good camera lens to catch the leaves changing color at their peak. Certain parts of the U.S. are luckier than others when it comes to the annual ritual, like in New England where it somehow got the creepy name of “leaf peeping.” From Maine to Michigan & all the way to California, check out some gorgeous fall foliage from around the country. And don’t worry – no one will accuse you of being a peeper from so far away…

Fall foliage red and orange leaves on trees lining a path

Nothing says fall or weeds out the directionally challenged like a good ol’ corn maze. And there’s one in Northern Illinois that you have to see to believe! "CBS This Morning" takes us along for a visit to the Richardson Adventure Farm - get lost in these jaw-dropping corn mazes that are elaborately redesigned every single year. The details of the patterns are incredible...the Beatles maze will leave you a-mazed!

Aerial view of corn maze

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