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Puree for pure skin perfection

Pumpkin's not just for pie...treat yourself to some homemade pumpkin skin scrubs!

Looking for some fun fall skin care treatments before the cold winter comes & our crazy dry skin returns? Check out these tips from Treehugger for “10 Homemade Beauty Treatments Using Leftover Pumpkin” – from body scrubs & face masks to lip balm & hair treatments, it’s a fall fiesta for your skin! And a good way to use those pumpkins still straggling from Halloween or the extra pumpkin puree you won’t be needing for that Thanksgiving pie…though between the face scrub & the second pie, we'd have to go with the pie! (who wouldn't...)

Outdoor market stand with lots of pumpkins
How can these lead to better skin? Just scoop & scrub!

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