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Presidents at play

When not campaigning, even presidents need to relax...enjoy the lighter side of politics.

The election has everyone on edge & the stakes are always high. But it’s not all stress & pressure – our presidents every so often get to take a break from the Oval Office & chill out. Esquire magazine compiled some fun archival photos of “Presidents Cutting Loose on Vacation” to remind us that presidents can be the most interesting in those revealing, unscripted moments. From Ronald Reagan getting some beach time to Harry Truman doing calisthenics during a boat cruise, you can see the joy they found in these quiet moments where they just needed some down time! (So will we after this election…)

Closeup of U.S. flag
The leader of the free world can also have a good time (but not too often...).

What would President George Washington have thought of 24-hour cable news & Twitter? We can only imagine his horror… But at his former home in Virginia, we can shut off today’s noise & enjoy quieter times just as he did. Pay a gorgeous virtual visit to Mount Vernon, Washington’s beloved estate & hear from the good folks who keep it running -- from the retro blacksmith & those who run the old-style arm to the talented preservationists. And learn about the amazing group of concerned women who rescued Mount Vernon from disrepair & sale after Washington’s death & who have preserved the site since 1858.

Painting of Mount Vernon, home of George Washington.
George Washington's humble pad at Mount Vernon by Currier & Ives.

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