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Italy takes a top prize but other hot spots fight for our attention!

Italy has always ranked in the top ten – often top five - most popular & most visited vacation spots in the world. But now they’ve taken the cake: learn why Travel + Leisure decided the 2021 destination of the year is Italy! If you need further convincing (really?), sample the gorgeous sights & sounds of Venice with a spectacular National Geographic celebration of this magical city. And take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant streets of Rome with 4K Urban Life. (It’s a two-hour ‘passegiatta’!So you can just find the parts you like…). Molto grazie!

Florence, Italy, from the top of a cathedral
Art, history, culture and pizza...what more could you want in a vacation than Italy?

In the dead of winter, it’s fun to dream of our next vacation spots…especially once we can get past the current mess that 2020 has left us. MojoTravels compiles the Top 10 vacation spots to visit post-pandemic – they say 2021, we’ll say whenever it’s possible to go the airport in something other than a hazmat suit. There are some surprises on this list – hidden gems that you may not have picked out the last time you looked at a world map!

Wide shot at sunset of city center of Cape Town, South Africa
You may want to keep Cape Town, South Africa, in mind for future passport stamps!

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