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Planes, trains & a twist

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Let these eye-popping airports & rail adventures help you find your next vacation.

You may not be getting out your boarding pass anytime soon, but we can all dream of catching our next flight at one of the world’s most stunning airports – from the outdoors being on the indoors in Singapore to…the occasional surfing in Munich? One plus: to enjoy the views, you don’t have to wait behind that family of five at TSA.

Looking up at an airplane flying over an open courtyard in a building

All aboard! Ride the rails on over a dozen adventures – from careening through the Norwegian countryside to hopping on an old-style locomotive across Colorado, with white-knuckle views as the train hugs the rocks high above the river below (at 19:40). One of the best in Travel + Leisure’s collection: ride from St. Moritz, Switzerland to Italy, ending as the tracks run right through the narrow streets of Tirano. The alpine route is such an engineering marvel it has UNESCO World Heritage status.

Woman smiling out the window of a train going through a countryside

To really geek out on trains, The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania has some gorgeous virtual photos and audio tours [hit the audio button] from an era when train travel was a luxury, not a cattle call. Explore glamorous dining and lounging cars from the 1930’s, a post office on wheels, and sleeper cars whose woodwork alone puts most hotel rooms to shame.

You expected ‘automobiles’ to complete the list, didn’t you? Well it’s not the Autobahn, but the Audubon we’re celebrating. Discover the latest Audubon Photography Award winners. See what a seasoned nature shooter found when stay-at-home orders limited their lens to wildlife discoveries in the backyard. And does it get any cuter than a baby bird collection?

Blue & green colored bird sitting on a branch

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