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Pioneers in paper

Meet some amazing artists raising paper’s stock in the art world.

Colored paper usually seems like something we only buy for little kids to tackle with their crayons or scissors. But for Maud Vantour, it’s her favorite medium! DW Euromaxx shows us how this French designer creates everything from art to advertising campaigns with her 3D paper masterpieces. She’s really raising the bar for the next time the kiddos get out the scissors & stacks of paper!

Two girls shopping at a craft store for colored paper
Join one French artist on her 3D adventures with colored paper!

Canadian artist Morgana Wallace calls herself a “paper cutter,” which hardly captures the true artistry of her work. As Canada’s CBC Arts reveals, Wallace’s imaginative illustrations from paper cutouts evoke the magic of childhood. She mentions she suffers from social anxiety & that her art helps her escape, which she’s definitely helping us to do with her incredible creations. You can check out more of her gorgeous designs up close at Colossal.

Colored paper folded in ribbons in a pile
How can pieces of colored paper bring children's books to life? Click & see!

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