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Pencils at play

Artists who do amazing things with our most simple artistic tool.

When was the last time you used a pencil? The SAT? Balancing your checkbook? Who does that anymore? But wait ‘til you see what one artist can do making microscopic sculptures from pencil tips! Russian sculptor Salavat Fidai makes amazing art – what are called “micro miniatures” - out of what the rest of us just see as our most basic writing tool. You’ll never see a No. 2 pencil the same way again!

Sharpened art pencil next to shavings from a sharpener

DP Truong isn’t your average artist – he’s like a machine…truly! Watch his incredible creative process as he sketches line-by-line just the way a printer would spit out an image. You won’t believe how Will Smith comes to life at the hands of this Vietnamese craftsman!

Printer on a desk being loaded by a man
Watch as one talented artist's creations mimic a printer's magic!

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