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Marvel at stunning national parks in the U.S. & Japan worth a virtual visit.

With nicer weather & the ability to actually think of in-person travel at some point (who’d a thought?!), it’s a good time to remember our gorgeous national parks. Travel with the National Park Service to explore the wonders of Yosemite in a stunning overview of the whole park that’s quick enough to watch even while you grab your lunch! There’s beautiful scenery & interesting factoids…who knew a whopping 95 percent of the park is declared wilderness where no cars or roads are allowed? Or that parts of the park can still be under snow just as other areas are in spring’s full bloom? There’s plenty of room in Yosemite's ¾ of a million acres for the five million people who trek there each year to keep some serious social distance…

Asian woman hiking on dense trail
Grab your pack & let's head to our national parks!

All eyes will be on Japan this summer for the Olympics & the venues around Tokyo. But Japan also boasts over 30 national parks (compared to our 63 in the U.S.), which shouldn’t be overlooked by all the excitement in the big city. Take to the skies by drone for a stunning sampler of Japan’s national parks - it's less than three minutes for the busy folks! If only we could hop on the drone to safely attend the Olympic events…

Japanese landscape through windows of empty room
Japan's natural beauty deserves some gold medals of its own!