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Pandemic picnicking

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Ways to stay safe & treat yourself to some favorite signs of summer.

Ready to head to a summer picnic but wondering how to be safe and still social? Chowhound shares some helpful hints to keep in mind when packing your cooler during COVID. The CDC also has extensive tips for cookouts & other outings. Oh, to revisit the days when uninvited ants at a picnic were our biggest concern…

Top-down view of picnic table covered with food and two pairs of hands reaching in

Indulge in dozens of Fourth of July dessert recipes from Delish that are billed as “healthy-ish.” That might be up for debate if you choose to eat a pile of the decadent S’mores Banana Bites or half a tray of the Fudge Paleo Brownies, sea salt and all.

Top-down view of table full of rasberry popsicles & rasberries

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