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Paint, sing & strike a pose

Color your very own Edward Hopper painting, sing a duet with Eric Clapton and see the "Hamilton" star & others whose new portraits just went up in a prominent D.C. museum.

Adult coloring books became big to help grown-ups chill out – but instead of using your pencils and paints to fill in flowers, why not color a great work of art? The Whitney Museum of American Art lets you download sketches of Edward Hopper paintings to color them yourself. Museum-worthy coloring book pages! Check out extensive resources covering Hopper's career, like a fun video walking tour of New York neighborhoods that influenced his iconic works.

An empty artist's studio with paint easels, sketches and busts.

You can’t catch Eric Clapton on tour again ‘til May 2021, but he’s giving new life to his music online in a new version of “Tears in Heaven with a young, new talent from Portugal. 23-year-old MARO is a singer and composer who said she’s “forever grateful” to have Clapton join her on the online series she started during the pandemic for new artist collaborations. Quite the guest booking!

Close-up of man playing acoustic guitar.

You know you’ve made it when an art museum wants to hang your portrait...but what if the museum’s closed? Is it the art world’s version of a tree falling in the forest? The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. solves the problem by unveiling their latest portrait acquisitions in an online exhibit. Peek at the wide variety from Morgan Freeman and Audrey Hepburn to Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anna Wintour and even the band Earth, Wind and Fire.

Wide shot of empty museum gallery.
If the museum's closed, did the exhibit ever happen?

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