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Optical illusions

Visit museums whose visual trickery is a feast for the eyes!

You'll never see mirrors the same way after you've seen the work of Yayoi Kusama, the legendary Japanese contemporary artist. “CBS This Morning” allows you to lose yourself in a visit to Kusama's "Infinity Mirrors" exhibit at Washington's Hirshhorn Museum a few years back & also peer through the looking glass into how this tortured artist handles life when she’s not creating. The reclusive icon has lived at a Tokyo mental institution for the past four decades, only emerging to work at a nearby studio. In a video for the exhibit, Kusama summed up her philosophy: “The effect of infinite, constant repetition leads us to finding our ever-expanding hope.” Well, then 2020 should’ve left us with loads of hope!

Collection of mirrors at different angles hanging over a mall escalator.
Famed artist Yayoi Kusama would see this as a blank canvas for her next project...

You won’t believe your eyes when you see what wild things are happening behind the walls of the Museum of Illusion in New York City thanks to Insider. The museum, with locations in 15 countries, is a good reminder that sometimes nothing is as it seems. Don’t worry – although the people in this video clip are without face masks, that’s not an illusion…this was filmed pre-COVID!

Hands of someone doing a magic trick with a dime.
Nothing is as it seems at the Museum of Illusion...or is it?

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