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Olympic fever!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Mind-blowing moments from the opening ceremony & the athletes’ grit to get here. Wow!

In one of the most amazing moments of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, a few incredibly talented (& speedy) performers re-enact the pictograms representing each event – all 50 of them live! While graphics depicting the sports were used at the 1948 London Olympics, Japan designed the complete library of symbols still in use today for the 1964 games in Tokyo so that each event could be recognized despite language barriers. From NBC Sports, you'll want to watch this jaw-dropping spectacle more than once…truly incredible!

Two women volleyball players fight for the ball at the net.
How do you depict this with a simple graphic? Easy, says Japan.

The world’s best athletes are finally competing & while qualifying for any Olympics is a feat, few things rival preparing for the biggest moment of your life during a pandemic. Let’s not forget the incredible lengths athletes went to during lockdown to train for Tokyo without being sure it would ever even happen. After watching this compilation from NBC Sports, you may never look at your kitchen counters or bathtub the same way again…

Gymnast doing back bend on mat
Training in your living room to do this could work, but mind the TV with the back flips...

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