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Off the tourist beaten path

Updated: May 1, 2021

Explore museums in London & D.C. you likely overlooked!

Many tourists to London miss the Tate Modern if they don’t make it down to the South Bank, but they also often miss the Tate Britain along the Thames, which is definitely worth the trip – so let’s go virtually! And lucky us, they’re sharing loads of gems in their various galleries online. Take a stroll through the Tate’s history of British art with their “13 Rooms” exhibit – all the way from the works in the 16th century to the 1960s. Each room you can enter is “chock o’ block,” as the Brits say, with beautiful paintings. Until the Tate re-opens in late May, this will tide us over!

View of Tower Bridge in London from South Bank side street

Washington D.C. is known for its world class museums & notably the Smithsonian galleries, which draw a whopping 22 million+ visitors in a non-pandemic year! But D.C. has other worthwhile museum treasures not as prominent in the guide books. Explore the world through gorgeous woven art at D.C.’s Textile Museum. You can get an online glimpse of works from across Asia, Africa & even examples of ‘Contemporary Textile Art,’ a delightful modern surprise that we’re not usually used to seeing hanging on museum walls. Travel through time with the “Washingtoniana Collection” – an amazing array of depictions of the founding & evolution of our nation’s capital itself.

The National Mall & Washington Monument in Washington D.C.

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