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Nostalgia for the Games

How top divers avoided those splashes & which countries surprised everyone on the podium!

As always, one of the most watched sports at the Olympics was diving – maybe it’s because we remember the terror we felt as children teetering on the edge ourselves as we peered at the pool below. We wonder how in the world they can do it! A bigger question: how do they cut through the surface so seamlessly for those medal-winning scores? As Vox explains, learn the secrets behind how Olympic divers get those tiny splashes when they enter the water. There’s as much for them to worry about under the surface as there is above it! Amazing.

Man in the air doing spinning dive into pool
How do they get that tiny splash after all the spins & the speed?

Team USA racked up the most medals in Tokyo, but those podium moments were just as incredible for countries who usually win few or no Olympic medals. In a fun NBC Sports recap, relive the most amazing Olympic moments for athletes who made history for their countries with their unexpected victories. This is what the Olympics is all about – anyone & everyone has a chance at a medal!

Fencing was just one of the Olympic sports with elated medal winners who pulled off the upset!
Two athletes competing in fencing

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