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New year, fewer icebergs

Reminders that the path can always be harder than the one we’re on…

Hasn’t the past year felt a bit like being aboard the Titanic? There seemed to be another iceberg around every curve. But now that 2020 is behind us, how about a walk through the real ship? Take an amazing virtual tour on board the Titanic from Felloutislife with an eye-popping computer-generated replica. Take a stroll down the fancy halls, peek into the cabins & explore the ornate dining rooms & salons. You’ll likely recognize some things from a certain famous movie!

Some highlights:

13:16 a look above where you’ll recognize the glass ceiling from “Titanic”

15:03 a peek at a Parisian café on board

16:20 a walk through the fancy dining room set for dinner

18:23 the iconic staircase you’ll also remember where Jack was waiting for Rose!

Icebergs reflecting in the water
Let's do our best to have a new year without any icebergs...

A few things stand out when we look back at 2020: wearing masks, staying six feet apart & of course, the incessant washing of hands. The annual Rube Goldberg machine competition honors the cartoonist who came up with his famously outrageous & whimsical contraptions. The 2020 virtual contest, no surprise, was inspired by the pandemic: create a Rube Goldberg-like multi-step machine that drops a bar of soap into someone’s hand. With everyone stuck at home, people had extra time on their hands to get the creative juices flowing. “CBS Sunday Morning” takes us along for the ride & you won’t believe the end results! We think Mr. Goldberg would be proud…

Artis's sketch of a contraption showing how it works
You know it's not a Rube Goldberg sketch...there's no silly ending!

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